Members of Essex Court Chambers are frequently asked to speak at conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally, on a wide range of topics within Chambers’ areas of expertise.

Individual members are available to give talks and presentations, or to lead or participate in seminars, whether held at solicitor/client premises or elsewhere.

The Spring 2024 list of talks is available to download here.

Banking & Finance

  • The Quincecare duty and the Supreme Court decision in Stanford International Bank Ltd (In Liquidation) v HSBC plc – Louise Hutton KC, James Sheehan, Akash Sonecha, Edward Mordaunt
  • A recap of principles and update from recent caselaw – John Robb
  • Guarantees and performance bonds: why is this boundary so frequently litigated, and have the courts now achieved certainty and predictability? – John Robb
  • Default and acceleration – has the Pendulum swung too far towards banks? – Richard Hoyle

Chancery Commercial

  • Rescission, rectification and knowing receipt – recap and case update – John Robb
  • Trusts, tracing and the Bona Fide purchaser – Richard Hoyle
  • The use of trusts in litigation funding agreements – Richard Hoyle

Civil Fraud

Climate Change Litigation

Introductory talks 

  • International environmental law: an introduction – Naomi Hart
  • Climate change litigation: what’s happening right now, and what might we see in future? – John Robb

Public Law

Public International Law

  • Climate change and proceedings before the international court of justice and ITLOS – Naomi Hart
  • Protecting biodiversity on the high seas: the treaty on biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction – Naomi Hart

Human Rights


Investment treaties and arbitration

Miscellaneous topics

Commercial Litigation


  • PTRs, severance and the Tillman case – Daniel Oudkerk KC
  • Restrictive covenants in employment and commercial contracts, law and tactics – Daniel Oudkerk KC
  • LPs, LLPs and commercial employment law – a practical approach to the modern ‘partnership relationship’ – Daniel Oudkerk KC
  • Recent cases about employment status: Uber, IWGB v CAC (Deliveroo) and Amazon – Jane Russell
  • Recent cases about gender critical feminism being a protected belief: Forstater (ET) (EAT), Bailey (ET) – Jane Russell
  • Implied duties in employment contracts – Owen Lloyd

Human rights

  • Jurisdiction under the European Convention on Human Rights – Naomi Hart
  • Climate change and human rights – Naomi Hart

International Arbitration

  • The arbitration act 1996 and the law commission proposals to amend it – Roderick Cordara KC
  • The law commission proposals on the arbitration act – Philippa Hopkins KC
  • Recognition & enforcement of judgments and awards against foreign States in the English courts – Dan Sarooshi KC
  • Commencement of arbitrations: problems and pitfalls – Jeremy Brier KC
  • Enka v Chubb: law of the arbitration agreement now settled? – Iain Quirk KC
  • Arbitration applications: applications to the English court in support of arbitration – Angeline Welsh KC, Felix Wardle, Benedict Tompkins
  • Arbitration challenges. When, if ever, can you challenge an arbitration award on the facts? – John Robb
  • Key aspects of reform of the arbitration act: court orders in support of arbitration; applicable law; jurisdiction challenges – Peter Webster
  • Getting the documents: cross border evidence from third parties in commercial litigation and arbitration – Richard Hoyle
  • Arbitration applications to the commercial court – Benedict TomkinsOwen Lloyd

Investment Treaties and Arbitration



Public International Law


  • Charterparty parent company guarantees – Neil Hart KC
  • Recent developments in limitation – David Walsh
  • Misdelivery claims and defences: the good, the bad, and the ugly – John Robb