Your application

The application process is evidence-based and is designed to assess the extent to which each candidate meets our objective criteria:

  • The application process consists of 1) assessment of the Gateway application, 2) a written exercise which is timed and, 3) a single round of interviews (for a limited number of candidates). Further details of the complete process are provided to all applicants shortly after the pupillage gateway window for applications closes. All members of Chambers involved in the process have received fair recruitment training. Save in exceptional circumstances, there is a single interview panel.
  • Candidates invited to attend an interview will be asked to answer questions based on a problem which they will be given at a set interval before their interviews, as well as other questions designed to gather evidence of the candidate’s satisfaction of our objective criteria. Examples of a typical problem that candidates attending an interview might be asked to consider are:
  • Offers of pupillage are made in accordance with the Gateway timetable, which this year, mandates that offers may not be made before Friday 10th May 2024.

We will pay the reasonable travelling expenses of all candidates invited to interview for pupillage. If you have any enquiries about this, please contact the Pupillage Administrator at