Essex Court Chambers typically offers up to six 12-months pupillages per year, and in 2024 will be accepting applications for pupillage commencing in September 2025 and 2026.

The pupillage award on offer for those years is £75,000. Of that sum, £45,000 is payable in equal monthly instalments in the first six months, and the balance in equal monthly instalments in the second six months. Up to an overall maximum of £23,000 may be drawn down in advance for the BPTC year and/or for relevant postgraduate study (with pro rata reductions during the pupillage year).

Essex Court Chambers offers guaranteed minimum gross earnings of £125,000 in the first year of tenancy (although, in practice, experience shows that first year tenants may earn something in excess of this figure). Chambers’ expenses (including rent) are levied as a flat percentage of fees received and no fixed rent or other fixed charge is payable.

For information on how to apply, please click on the Pupillage Applications tab.