Climate Change and Environmental Law: Current Perspectives

The future risks and current effects of climate change are being felt across a wide range of activities and businesses. Current indications are that these effects will grow in coming years. As such, climate change is having an impact across many disparate areas of law. In this series, practitioners from Essex Court Chambers provide their perspectives on the impact of climate change and emerging responses by courts, tribunals and legal institutions, with a different field of specialisation being considered each week.

Week 1

Private Enforcement of Public Good: International Arbitration Agreements as a Mechanism for Climate Change Enforcement
Authors: Graham Dunning QC and Benedict Tompkins

Week 2

Climate Change and Directors’ Duties
Authors: Edward Brown QC, John Robb and Daniel Fox

Week 3

The Paris Agreement in the English courts: what role can it play in holding the State to account?
Authors: Angeline Welsh and Jackie McArthur

Week 4

Climate change-related tort claims by foreign claimants
Authors: Naomi Hart and Owen Lloyd

Week 5

Climate Change before the European Court of Human Rights
Authors: Alison MacDonald QC, Amy Sander and Luke Tattersall

Week 6

The European convention on Human Rights in Climate Change Litigation
Authors: Hugh Mercer QC and Freddie Popplewell

Week 7

Climate Change and long-term energy contracts
Authors: David Mildon QC

Week 8

Climate Change and Insurance Law
Authors: David Scorey QC, David Walsh and Helen Morton

Week 9

Climate Change and Proceedings Before the ICJ and ITLOS
Authors: Dapo Akande, Naomi Hart and Mubarak Waseem