COVID 19 legal issues

1 June, 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic and its aftermath will present a number of important legal problems. Some members of chambers have written briefing notes addressing particular legal issues that are arising or are likely to arise as a result of COVID 19. See the latest here:

Procedural issues

Substantive issues

State intervention issues

Insurance issues

Contractual issues

Human Rights issues

Employment issues

Shipping Issues

Further briefing notes dealing with other areas are being prepared. Members of Essex Court Chambers have expertise in a number of relevant areas, and are well positioned to assist our clients when dealing with the unique issues confronting businesses and individuals stemming from Coronavirus related matters, including:

  • Insurance, including business interruption and event insurance
  • Frustration of contracts and force majeure
  • Shipping and Commodities
  • Employment and HR issues
  • Oil and Gas
  • Tax and revenue law
  • Procedural issues in arbitration and litigation

Please contact us with any COVID 19 related business or personal queries you have either via or on: +44 (0)20 7813 8000

Please note: These briefings do not constitute legal advice; you are advised to seek specific advice in the context of any disputes.