What we look for

We only offer pupillage to those who we think are capable of becoming successful tenants here. We seek to recruit the brightest and best as our pupils. In making pupillage offers, we are committed to equality of opportunity, and we assess applications for pupillage on the basis of merit alone.

Applicants are sometimes advised that a degree from Oxford or Cambridge is a prerequisite for commercial pupillage. That is not the case. We recognise that not all of the top talent is concentrated in a small number of academic institutions and encourage applications from all.

We welcome applications from both law and non-law graduates and for deferred pupillage.

A first class degree is not a requirement. Applicants are required to have obtained, or be predicted to obtain, at least a 2:1 degree; non-law graduates are required to have obtained, or predicted to obtain, at least a Commendation in their GDL. These mandatory requirements may be waived in wholly exceptional circumstances.

We assess applicants for pupillage by reference to the following objective criteria:

  • Intellectual ability
  • Promise in oral advocacy/communication skills
  • Promise in written advocacy/communication skills
  • Tenacity, self-motivation, organisational skill and ability to work as part of a team
  • Judgment and integrity

Although not a mandatory part of our application process, anyone considering applying for pupillage is strongly encouraged to apply beforehand for a mini-pupillage.