Third Sixes

We are currently not accepting third six applicants at this time.

However, we usually welcome applications for third six pupillage from pupils who are undertaking pupillage at a commercial or chancery set.

Applications for third six pupillage should be made as early as possible during the applicant’s second six pupillage and addressed to the Secretary to the Pupillage Committee at

Applicants should:

  • Enclose a copy of their CV.
  • Include a breakdown of their exam marks at degree level (both undergraduate and any postgraduate qualifications), ideally accompanied by university transcripts.
  • Include a covering letter or email giving details of (i) the work they have been undertaking in their existing set; and (ii) the reasons why they wish to be considered for third six pupillage with us.

Include details of at least two referees (preferably the applicant’s supervisors during first and second six pupillage), and arrange for their referees to send references to as soon as possible.