Administrative matters

Clerking and case management

The administration of Essex Court Chambers is headed by senior clerk Joe Ferrigno.

The clerks are happy to assist solicitors and other clients by recommending the barrister or team of barristers best suited to deal with a particular case. Joe Ferrigno and his team are always willing to discuss the general services provided by members of Chambers or specific arrangements with regard to a particular case. The clerks regularly have meetings with solicitors and other lawyers in England and Wales and overseas (including Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia).

The clerks provide administrative assistance with regard to work done by the individual barristers in Chambers. In particular, the clerks are responsible for:

  • Accepting instructions and agreeing fees on behalf of individual barristers to advise and represent clients.
  • Fixing appointments for conferences and consultations.

Booking arrangements

Chambers maintains a strict no double booking policy when booking arrangements for trials and other hearings in Court and arbitrations.

As part of their work, the clerks maintain close relationships with the administrative staff in the civil divisions of the High Court. The clerks will always do their utmost to agree a hearing date convenient to the client and the client’s chosen barrister. Once a suitable date is fixed the clerks will ensure that the booking is honoured save only in the case of unforeseen circumstances, such as a previous trial overrunning its original estimate.

Fixing conferences and consultations

Conferences and consultations can be held in Chambers, at solicitors’ or clients’ offices or elsewhere. Chambers has a variety of conference rooms available, as well as video conferencing facilities.


Chambers takes client confidentiality extremely seriously, and has in place a protocol to ensure that client confidentiality is protected at all times. If there are any specific issues of confidentiality in relation to a particular case, please inform the clerks who can discuss appropriate safeguards to address such concerns.