Paris Arbitration Week 2024

19 March, 2024

Paris Arbitration Week 2024


19 Mar 2024    
4:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Hôtel du Louvre
Pl. André Malraux, Paris, 75001

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Essex Court Chambers is delighted to be a Chambers Partner of the upcoming Paris Arbitration Week event.

Paris Arbitration Week, taking place from 18 – 22 March, is set to be an exciting week of events aimed at connecting, whether in person or virtually, the worldwide community of arbitration practitioners, boosting rich academic debate and promoting Paris as a hub for international arbitration.

Members of Chambers will be hosting a rapid-fire panel session chaired by Ben Juratowitch KC. Speakers including Alison Macdonald KC, Tom Ford, Adam Board, Peter Webster and Matthieu Gregoire will explore issues of fraud and ethics, and important recent English Court developments that may affect arbitration.

The event will take place in person in the Conference Room Louis Napoléon at the Hôtel du Louvre on Tuesday 19th March 2024. Registration will start at 4.30pm. The panel will commence at 5pm, followed by a reception from 6.15pm.


  • Fraud unravels all? When may fraud affecting an arbitration meet the threshold for setting aside of an award, using Federal Republic of Nigeria v. P&ID as a case study.
  • Fraud, corruption and counsel ethics: unravelling dilemmas including counsel’s duties when making allegations of fraud or corruption, and cross-examining witnesses who are said to have been involved.
  • Antisuit injunctions in uncommon situations: English Court’s power to issue ASIs where the arbitration is not seated in London; obtaining an ASI in respect of proceedings brought against third parties in breach of an arbitration agreement or where the conduct is vexatious or oppressive.
  • Stays in favour of arbitration:  Exploring the boundaries of a disputed “matter” and the law’s pro-arbitration policy.  When will a Court stay proceedings in favour of arbitration and is there an international consensus on this topic?
  • Positioning yourself for a Court challenge:  English law has a number of rules that limit the points that can be taken in a Court challenge depending on what has been done in the arbitration. Often overlooked, these rules are of critical practical importance.
If you are interested in attending, please register here.


Ben Juratowitch KC

Ben Juratowitch KC


Alison Macdonald KC

Tom Ford

Adam Board

Peter Webster

Peter Webster

Matthieu Gregoire