Contempt of Court Allegation Struck out as an Abuse of Process

16 June, 2020

In a brief oral ruling given on 10 June 2020 (with a written judgment to be handed down at a later date), Andrew Baker J struck out as an abuse of process the committal application brought by Mr Vladimir Chernukhin and Navigator Equities Limited  against Mr Oleg Deripaska.

Andrew Baker J found that the Claimants had not prosecuted the committal application dispassionately as guardians of the public interest, but had instead sought to vex and harass Mr Deripaska. He held that Mr Chernukhin had brought the committal application in pursuit of his deep-rooted personal animosity towards Mr Deripaska, so as to render the committal process unfair.

Nathan Pillow QC, Tim Akkouh, and Freddie Popplewell acted for Mr Deripaska, instructed by Rupert Boswall and Andy McGregor at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP.