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Paul McGrath KC, who has been described as “phenomenally clever man”[1] and “an expert courtroom bruiser” “a titan” and “doyen” of the civil fraud market who “wins hopeless cases”, practises primarily in the field of international commercial fraud/chancery litigation, having an “enviable reputation in the fields of tracing claims and asset recovery” and being credited as “the brains behind a lot of the innovative ideas out there.”  In addition to the High Court, Court of Appeal, Privy Council and Supreme Court, he has appeared for many years in numerous off-shore jurisdictions including Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands, Dubai (DIFC) and the Isle of Man and regularly advises on Jersey and Guernsey disputes typically involving trusts.

He has been instructed in most of the heavy weight commercial fraud and asset recovery cases of the last decade or so including Baringsreinsurance issues arising out of Enron and Worldcom; Berezovsky v the Estate of Badri (US$1.2billion asset recovery)Weavering Capital v PetersonsRepublic of Egypt v former President Mubarakthe Otkritie litigationthe Ablyazov litigationVTB v Nutritek (US$250m fraud claim/lifting the corporate veil); Estate of Boris Berezovsky v Aeroflot (US$200m fraud claim); Yukos v Rosneft (US$500m enforcement process); the Axiom Litigation Financing Fund (US$120m fraud claim under the Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations), Latmar v LembergsLKB v Antonov (US$80m fraud)JSC Medzhdunarosdniy Promyshlenniy Bank v Pugachev (US$2 billion asset recovery/WFO); Kazakhstan Kagazy v AripVincent Tchenquiz v SFOPJSC Tatneft v Bogolyubov/Kolomoisky; Crescent Petroleum v National Iranian Oil Company (US$15 billion: enforcement process); Vatounio Investments v Mekel  (3 week fraud trial); Vneshprombank LLC v Bedzhamov (ex parte WFO/Search Order US$2bn claim)Simetra Global Assets Ltd v Ikon Finance Ltd (3 week fraud trial: Court of Appeal ordering re-trial for inadequate judicial reasoning) .  He has also acted as an expert on English law of lifting the corporate veil for enforcement purposes in the Connecticut Proceedings and elsewhere relating to Deutsche-Bank v Sebastian Holdings (enforcement of US$250m UK Judgment).

He has a growing reputation for being brought into a broad range of cases, especially on appeal, to provide a different perspective from “outside the box”. His recent appeals include: Renova v Emmerson 2019 UKPC 24 (PC: ancillary disclosure under a freezing order constitutes an injunction: on appeal from BVI Court of Appeal) Convoy v Broad Idea (2021: PC: seminal judgment on injunctive relief on appeal from the BVI Court of Appeal); OT Computers (In Liquidation) v Infineon & Anr (2021 CA: s.32(1)(b) of Limitation Act 1980 as applied to liquidators/administrators of a company); UCP Plc v Nectrus Limited [2022] EWCA Civ 949 (Appeal on reflective loss re-opened under CPR 52.30 on grounds of judicial apparent bias); Goldin Investment v China Citic Bank (June 2023: insolvency appeal before the BVI Court of Appeal); Renova v Emmerson (April 2023) (BVI Court of Appeal upholding discharge order of Jack J of a US$3bn freezing order obtained in BVI); Invest Bank v El-Husseini & ors  [2023] EWCA Civ 555 (no fraudster’s charter under s423 of the Insolvency Act 1986). Other recent judgments include Libyan Investment Authority v Credit Suisse & GPAM (2021: avoidance of 12 week fraud trial by Ds’ reverse summary judgment); Arcelormittal USA LLC v Ruia (avoidance of worldwide freezing injunction and narrowing of conspiracy claim); PJSC Bank ‘Finance and Credit’ v Zhevago [2021] (stay of UK fraud litigation and avoidance of worldwide freezing injunction). Whilst much of Paul’s work is court-based, he is often called on to devise appropriate multi-jurisdictional strategies for enforcement of high value judgments or arbitration awards (including the Purdue Pharma “Oxycontin” litigation).

His on-going cases include acting for former shareholders of Yukos v Russian Federation (enforcement of US$50 billion Awards); a forthcoming trial relating to a Russian property joint venture; a Cayman Islands private equity dispute; various insolvency-related appeals in Bermuda and BVI; advising on enforcement strategy for a major chemical company; advising on Russian sanction-related matters and in particular whether particular asset structures fall within the ambit of UK or EU Sanctions; class action on behalf of several thousand Liverpool football club fans against UEFA for the events in Paris 2022 Champions League Cup Final.

Paul is the author of Commercial Fraud in Civil Practice (3rd edn OUP forthcoming), the leading practitioner text on international commercial fraud and formerly editor of Lloyds Law Reports, Banking.

Paul was named Commercial Litigation silk of the year in The Legal 500 UK Awards 2015 and The Lawyer’s Barrister of the Week April 2021.

On 24 March 2023, he was appointed Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Oxford.

[1] All quotes from The Legal 500  or Chambers & Partners  Directories


What others say

Chambers & Partners 2024

“Paul McGrath is extremely user-friendly and charming. He has a very fine, strategic mind.”

Legal 500 2024

Paul is a stand out silk.’

Chambers & Partners 2023

“Extremely good – a very articulate and technical lawyer. A class act.”

“Possibly the most creative barrister around. When it comes to complex cases, he is one of the first people to consider.”

“Paul is a creative and thoughtful lawyer.”

“Paul is a titan in the civil fraud space.”

“Paul is the number one barrister for freezing injunctions. He is a good, commercial silk and a class act.”

“He is phenomenally clever and a delight to work with in offshore matters.”

“The things he does not know about offshore fraud you could write on a postage stamp. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and is an appealing advocate.”

“His apparent ease of manner conceals a determined advocate.”

“He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law on commercial fraud.”

“Paul combines the ability to cut quickly to the heart of the issues with a very impressive and compelling court presence.”

Legal 500 2023

“He is always the smartest guy in the room – he thinks of points nobody else thinks of. You wouldn’t want him on the other side.”

“He’s phenomenally clever, and a really nice man, who is a real team player, to boot.”

“Paul is the leader in the field in strategy and knowledge of the area. He is well respected by the court who listen carefully to what he has to say because they know he knows what he is talking about.”

Chambers & Partners 2022

“Very, very knowledgeable and strategic in his approach to cases.”

“He’s highly knowledgeable about fraud in terms of law and practice, and is very creative with it.”

“A doyen and giant of the civil fraud market. He has a very nice advocacy style which is very relaxed and affable and has an encyclopedic knowledge of fraud law.”

“He is a subject matter expert in tracing and equitable remedies. He is fantastic and clients find him deeply impressive.”

“In the world of fraud and asset tracing, there are few people who could match Paul for his encyclopedic knowledge.”

“He is just fabulous at the law and lovely to work with as well.”

“He is pre-eminent in the field of fraud and has a genuine passion for the law which he combines with a thoroughly practical approach to his advice.”

Legal 500 2022

“One of the cleverest and most creative barristers at the commercial Bar, yet down to earth.”

“A brilliant combination of academic thinking and commercial nous. A pleasure to work with and a fine court presence.”

“The doyen of civil fraud. A tenacious advocate. Paul is a pleasure to work with.”

“A brilliant combination of academic thinking and commercial nous.”

Chambers & Partners 2021

“Absolutely outstanding – he’s a very, very good advocate and is very enjoyable to work with.”

“Very creative and energetic in his approach to cases. He has a good sense of what the courts want.”

“Has an encyclopaedic knowledge of many areas of law.”

“Clients love him as he is easy to work with, and he is a real heavyweight at the Bar.”

“He is hugely knowledgeable on the law relating to civil fraud, and is creative and skilful in his written and oral advocacy.”

“An expert on fraud matters and freezing orders.”

“He is very pleasant, sensible and down to earth.”

“Often appears in, or advises on, high-value commercial claims, and is also highly adept at international arbitration. His recent instructions include a substantial fraud case with cross-border regulatory implications. His offshore practice includes work in the Cayman Islands, the BVI, Dubai and Singapore.”

Legal 500 2021

‘It is a genuine pleasure to work with him on complex cases where we are pushing at the boundaries of the law.’

‘Undoubtedly one of the leading lights of the civil fraud bar, and has particular expertise and experience in relation to interim injunctive relief – his knowledge in this area is encyclopaedic.’

‘Unrivalled understanding of Judicial response to applications, impressive grasp of complex legal and factual issues as well as the sometimes stark cultural differences.’

 ‘He is very, very knowledgeable and one certainly gets the impression that he is with you all the way, especially in asset tracing exercises.’

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2020

“A wonderful advocate and an able lawyer.” “Very down to earth, a good team player, and seems to have excellent judgement on commercial tactical matters as well as how to frame an appeal. He has a very inventive way of putting a case that can bring a much-needed shot in the arm.”

“He has an encyclopedic knowledge and he’s the person you go to when you’ve got something really difficult.” “There are few people who know as much about freezing orders and injunctive relief as he does.”

 “He reads the court very well.” “He is extremely hard-working and handles the material very well. He has great attention to detail.”

“Unflappable and a really fantastic leader to have on a fraud case, he’s written the book on freezing injunctions.” “He’s very easy to work with, friendly and charming.”

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2019

“Renowned fraud expert known for his convincing advocacy and ability to run unusual cases Hi book, commercial Fraud in Civil Practice, “Just gives you the answers.” According to one barrister. “He has a fantastic brain. If you’ve got a case where you are looking to push the boundaries, he’s someone to use. He has huge knowledge of the area and is the ideal person when you’ve got a legally difficult matter on your hands.”

“A very good advocate. A fantastic commercial fraud lawyer.”

“He is a mine of information and a vert good advocate who has written the leading textbook on fraud. There is nothing about a freezing injunction the doesn’t know. He’s very impressive and exudes calmness and authority.”

“A real expert on civil fraud and interim remedies, who knows all the latest law and practice off the top of his head. He has a masterful command of the court and he’s very down-to-earth.”

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2018 

“Knows the law and is creative in his thought processes. Cuts quickly to the heart of issues, and have a very impressive and compelling court presence.”

“Paul is quite simply the go-to silk for civil fraud He has literally written the book on this area.”

“He can decipher convoluted briefs and distil very complex issues into understandable bite-size explanations for the court. There are very few commercial silks that have got as much in-depth knowledge of freezing orders as Paul.”

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2017

“A real heavyweight on fraud cases. He is not one of these silks with airs and graces but is a real member of the team. He easily explains the most complex ideas in the type of simple terms that both clients and the court really appreciate.”

“Extremely talented, he has a forensic knowledge of the law and is a measured and effective advocate.”

“He is a very solid QC who literally wrote the book on injunctions. He has a very good temperament and explains things well to the offshore courts. He’s an academic by background, who’s an extremely good lawyer and a great authority on cases.”

“Paul is phenomenal. He doesn’t have to look stuff up. He just seems to know everything about civl fraud. Clients and judges like him.”

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2016

“His knowledge is exceptional. He is very user-friendly and a master tactician. Someone you want on your side if you have a difficult battle on your hands. He is creative, disciplined and focused on the details.”

“He is very astute and insightful, and can quickly see both what is important in terms of the legal arguments but also what is important for the client. Astonishing – he is the most creative counsel I’ve ever come across.”

Legal 500 2016

‘Top of the class as far as injunctions are concerned.’  

Legal 500 2015

“He has literally written the book on commercial fraud, and is one of the most knowledgeable QCs in this area.Personable, strategic, unafraid to try new things and unafraid to say no – a superstar.”

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2015

He simply knows everything there is to know about commercial fraud. However difficult or tricky the problem, he has either come across it before or has a creative solution.” 

“He’s got common sense and is a good diplomat too.”

“He is imaginative and someone you can really talk to and bounce ideas off.”

An “extremely clever” silk with a practice focused on chancery, commercial and civil fraud cases, particularly claims involving constructive trusts, knowing receipt and asset tracing.”

“Excellent with clients; he has a laid-back style and is very user-friendly.”

The Legal 500 2015

The go-to person for fraud, asset tracing and injunctive relief.’

‘He has literally written the book on commercial fraud, and is one of the most knowledgeable QCs in this area.Personable, strategic, unafraid to try new things and unafraid to say no – a superstar.’

‘Extremely thorough, dependable and completely on top of the law.’

Chambers and Partners 2014

Frequently instructed in the biggest fraud cases. He is recognised as a foremost authority on injunctive relief.

“He is just sensational. His knowledge is encyclopaedic.”

“He’s absolutely excellent on fraud.”

He has an impressive record in both the commercial and chancery courts, and wins wide market approval for his expertise in commercial fraud matters. McGrath also has a significant advisory practice pertaining to offshore trust structures.

“Energetic and robust. You would want him on your side.”

“He is one of the brightest at the Commercial Bar. A real blue-sky thinker.”

Examples of notable cases

Westminster CC v Dame Shirley Porter (Asset recovery)

Republic of Egypt v Fmr President Mubarak & Ors (Asset Recovery;

Boris Berezovsky v Estate of Badri (US$1 billion);

Yukos v Rosneft (US$500m enforcement of arbitral award );

Weavering Capital v Petersons (hedge fund fraud claim);

RBI v Algoasaibi (US$25m claim);

Minister of Justice v LSM (alleged bribes involving leasing of Court buildings);

Mobil Cerro Negor Ltd v Petroleos de Venezuela SA [2008] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 684(successfully discharged worldwide freezing order for US$12bn under s.44 of AA 1996 on grounds insufficient connection between the jurisdiction and foreign arbitration);

ETI Euro Telecom International NV v Republic of Bolivia & Ors [2008] EWHC 1689 (Andrew Smith J): affi’d on Appeal  successfully discharging a freezing order obtained under s.25 of the CJJA 1982 and s.44 of the Arbitration Act 1996 in aid of an ICSID arbitration.

The Otkritie litigation;

The Ablyazov litigation;

VTB v Nutritek (Supreme Court, jurisdiction/lifting the veil);

The Axiom Litigation Financing Fund v Timothy Schools & Ors (£100m Cayman Fund Fraud)

Latmar v Lembergs;

LKB v Antonov (2014: Fraud arising from Latvian Bank Collapse),

JSC Medzhdunarosdniy Promyshlenniy Bank v Pugachev (2014: US$2 billion WFO).

Vincent Tchenguiz v SFO (2014)

Arbitration & related court applications

Although much of Paul’s work is court-based, he has been instructed in arbitrations such as Ali Shipping v Shipyard Trogir, a six week arbitration involving issues of frustration in a shipbuilding contract arising out of the Yugoslavian civil war: Ali Shipping Corp v Shipyard Trogir (1996) C.A. summary judgment / arbitration); Deccan Assian Infrastructure v BPL Communications Ltd (2 week Indian telecommunications arbitration); a 7 week Bermuda-based reinsurance arbitration involving the reinsurance of the auditors of Enron, Worldcom and other collapsed companies; Elektrim SA v Vivendi Universal SA & Ors [2007] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 693 – meaning of ‘obtained by fraud’ in AA 1996 s.68(2)(g). Elektrim SA v Vivendi Universal SA & Ors [2007] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 8 : grounds for restraining by injunction an arbitration; as well as several leading cases dealing with interim relief in aid of international arbitral proceedings including Mobil Cerro Negor Ltd v Petroleos de Venezuela SA [2008] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 684 (expropriation of Mobil’s oil fields in Venezuela; successfully discharged worldwide freezing order for US$12 billion under s.44 of the Arbitration Act 1996); ETI NV v Republic of Bolivia [2009] 1 WLR 665 (CA): (nationalisation of company; successfully discharged a freezing order obtained under s.25 of the CJJA 1982 and s.44 of the AA 1996 in aid of an ICSID arbitration); Telenor v Vimpelcom & Altimo Group (pre-arbitration interim relief in S$3bn telecommunications shareholder dispute); Yukos Oil v Rosneft (US$425m freezing order in support of enforcement of Russian arbitral awards). Confidential Arbitration (seeking interim relief in aid of a US$15bn arbitration). Arcelormittal USA Inc LLC v Essar Steel Ltd [2019] EWHC 724 (Comm) (enforcement of a US$1.5bn arbitration award with ancillary freezing, search and Norwich Pharmacal orders).

Presently, Paul is instructed on issues arising from enforcement of the world’s largest arbitral awards (US$50 billion) in Yukos/HVY v Russian Federation

Banking & financial services

Paul has been instructed by most of the major banks and financial institutions, both in the UK and abroad (e.g Cayman Islands) including Barclays, National Westminster Bank, British Arab Commercial Bank, Credit Lyonnais, Nationsbank, and Bank of America in all aspects of banking law including banker-customer relationship (Barclays v Struggle Against Financial Exploitation); Finmecanica v Branch & Ors – US$18m bank’s liability to victim of fraud), injunctive relief (incl. letters of credit tainted by fraud: Solo Industries v Canara), tracing assets (Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG v Makris & Ors 1999 – US$20m fraudulently induced loan), disclosure obligations, issues of confidentiality (incl. Cayman Islands criminal sanction), bills of exchange, guarantees and letters of credit: IIG Capital LLC v Van Der Merwe [2008] EWCA Civ 542 (characterisation of bonds and guarantees).

Chancery Litigation

Paul has been instructed in many of the major international commercial frauds/asset recovery cases including: Bre-X Minerals Ltd v Felderhoff (Cayman Islands: US$1bn plus gold mineral fraud: world’s largest mining fraud); Westminster City Council v Dame Shirley Porter (acted for the Council in successfully tracing and recovering assets for enforcement of £34m judgment); Glencore v Metro Trading (largest commercial fraud litigation before the Commercial Court at the time); Banner Homes Group plc v Luff Developments [2000] Ch 372 (CA) (constructive trusts based on Pallant v Morgan jurisdiction); Co-Operative Society v Andrew Regan (represented the Co-Op in its claims against Regan for alleged bribery of officers); Twinsectra v Yardley (advised on CA and appl to HL); Tajik Aluminium Plant v Ermatov (take-over of smelting plant); reinsurance of Enron’s auditors; AremisSoft v Roys Poyiadjis (Isle of Man: US$200m “pump and dump” share scam: largest recovery by US SEC from an individual); Aiylan v Smith & Ors (multi-million pound Ponzi scheme); Boris Berezovsky v Patarkatsishvili (seeking to recover some US$2bn in assets); KBC Lease v Total Asset Limited (£130m Ponzi scheme); The Secretary of State for Justice v LSM, Smith & Topland (alleged bribery case); Jennington International/Kazakhgold Group v Assaubayev (US$500m alleged fraud); Asset Recovery Proceedings against Ian Leaf (UK’s largest tax fraud [£100m]: represented Leichenstein Trusts of Leaf family); Linsen v Humpuss; Latmar Holdings v Media Focus, Lembergs & Ors (on-going: issues on appeal); Weavering Capital Hedge Fund Litigation (rep. Mrs Petersen in US$500m SWAPs/Hedge Fund litigation); JSC BTA v Ablyazov litigation (instructed for principal defendant); presently acting for the Republic of Egypt seeking to recover assets misappropriated by the former regime; instructed by the FCA in relation to its £3m fine of Alberto Micalizzi, Chief Executive Officer of the Manager of the Fund, Dynamic Decisions Capital Management Limited, in respect of some £390m losses.

Paul was also instructed in Accident Exchange/Autofocus dispute (said to be largest alleged fraud committed on the Civil Justice System).

More recently, Vneshprombank LLC v Bedzhamov  (obtained US$1.5bn Freezing order against a Russian exile in London). In Kea Investments Ltd v Watson [2018] EWHC 2483 (Ch) (instructed as part of entirely new legal team to deal with complex hand down after a 15 week trial relating to constructive trusts, equitable remedies and other relief.) BNP Paribas Jersey Trust Corpn & Ors v Crociani  (complex tale of a substantial family trust dispute heading now for the Privy Council)

Commercial dispute resolution

Paul is regularly instructed in heavy-weight commercial litigation often having an international element, raising difficult questions of conflict of laws (jurisdiction/choice of law). Glencore v Metro Trading [2001] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 284 (multi-million dollar oil trade dispute); Elektrim v Vivendi Holdings (Polish telecommunications dispute); Mobil Cerro Negor Ltd v Petroleos de Venezuela SA [2008] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 684 (expropriation of Mobil’s oil fields in Venezuela; successfully discharged worldwide freezing order for US$12 billion under s.44 of the Arbitration Act 1996); National Grid Wireless Ltd v Orange Personal Communication Services (substantial telecommunications contractual dispute);ETI NV v Republic of Bolivia [2009] 1 WLR 665 (CA): (nationalisation of company; successfully discharged a freezing order obtained under s.25 of the CJJA 1982 and s.44 of the AA 1996 in aid of an ICSID arbitration); Cecil v Bayat (Afghanistan telecommunications shareholder dispute); Telenor v Vimpelcom & Altimo Group (US$3bn telecommunications shareholder dispute); Yukos Oil v Rosneft (US$425m freezing order in support of enforcement of Russian arbitral awards); Raiffeisen Bank International v Algosaibi Brothers (substantial loan recovery); VTB v Nutritek (Supreme Court: US$200m bank loan/fraud); Treatt v Barratt (2013: Earn-Out Notice dispute in company purchase); SCA Group v D S Smith Plc [2013] (£200m draft completion account dispute arising from a £2bn sale and purchase agreement); Vatounio Investments Ltd v Cold Spring (4 week construction trial relating to development on Berlin Wall). Simetra Global Assets Ltd v Ikon Finance Ltd [2019] EWCA Civ 1413 (successfully defended in 3 week finance fraud trial but Judgment overturned on appeal for inadequate reasoning)

Arcelormittal USA Inc v Ruia  [2020] EWHC 740 (Comm) – successfully resisted inter partes freezing and disclosure orders in aid of alleged conspiracy to evade payment of  US$1.5bn arbitration award; Libyan Investment Authority v Various (on-going case concerning allegations of bribery and intimidation relating to investments made by the LIA)

Commercial fraud / asset recovery

Paul was selected by his peers as one of the ten Most Highly Regarded Individuals in the world for asset recovery in Who’s Who Legal 2014.

Paul has been instructed in most of the recent leading cases on commercial fraud: see the list in Commercial Chancery Disputes.

Company law

Paul has received instructions in all aspects of Company Law litigation both in the UK and offshore (principally BVI and Cayman Islands). He was instructed for the preference shareholders in the Barings Litigation; Law Debenture Trust Corporation Plc v Elektrim Finance NV and Ors (termination of trust bond under Saunders v Vautier rule); advised a major rock group (Queen) on a shareholder dispute; been instructed in respect of shareholder disputes in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands; recently advised on two separate schemes of arrangement under s.425 of the Companies Act; recently appeared in the Turks & Caicos Islands on multi-million dollar breach of director’s duties; acted in the US$3bn shareholder dispute between Telenor East and Vimpelcom and Altimo Group; acted for bank seeking to recover US$200m in VTB v Nutritek (Supreme Court judgment). He has acted as an expert on English law in relation to lifting the corporate veil issue in enforcement of Deutsche Bank v Sebastian Holdings Judgment.

Conflict of laws & private international law

Given the international aspect of Paul’s practice, his cases invariably start with or involve some jurisdictional and/or choice of law issue and he has a detailed understanding of those rules both for the UK and several offshore jurisdictions. His more recent cases include: VTB v Nutritek jurisdictional issue in £200m bank fraud before the Supreme Court; Latmar v Lembergs CA dealing with jurisdiction under Art 6(1) of the Brussels I Regulations.

Insurance & reinsurance

Paul’s practice includes claims of insurance and reinsurance disputes, including the 7 week Bermudan-based arbitration involving the reinsurance of a major accounting firm relating to the collapse of Enron, Worldcom and others.

Litigation-based insolvency law

Paul’s practice incorporates a detailed understanding of the litigious aspect of insolvency law such as heavy-weight contested winding up applications, whether in the UK, BVI or the Cayman Islands. He has acted for the liquidator in Edennote v Terry Venables; successfully resisted the winding-up of Stock, Aiken & Waterman; acted for the preference shareholders in the Barings dispute; advises on claims involving the transaction avoidance provisions of the Insolvency Act; appeared in Edward Klempka: In Re Parkside – important authority on the question of what amounts to a preference when dealing with common directorships; acted for the Cayman Islands’ appointed SPC Receiver in the £100m Axiom LItigiation Funding Fraud case which involved the first case of a SPC Receiver being recognised under the Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 2006; has recently advised on several schemes of arrangement; regularly advises on recovery of assets in an insolvency context using the transaction avoidance rules. Paul’s knowledge extends to the insolvency law applicable in several off-shore jurisdictions including BVI and Cayman Islands.

Presently instructed in proceedings to act for a Russian liquidator against Russian bankrupt now located in the UK.

Offshore litigation

Paul has been called to the bar/admitted to practise as an attorney in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (2005), especially British Virgin Islands; Cayman Islands; Turks & Caicos Islands, Dubai and the Isle of Man. Recent cases include: Axiom Litigation Financing Fund (acting for the “receiver/liquidator” of a Caymans Islands fund: £110m dispute); Frauntled Management Limited v Featherwood ($13m investment dispute before the BVI Court of Appeal); BBX Capital Asset Management v Royal Bank of Canada & Ors ($30m Cayman dispute relating to transaction to defraud creditors/sham trusts); Trinity Management Group Ltd v Burke Consolidated Ltd (s.184I/s.175 BVI dispute); Maruti Holdings PTE Limited v Sinclair Strategies Limited (BVI jurisdictional challenge); QVT Fund & Ors v China Zenix Auto International Limited (s.184I and s184C BVI dispute: interim injunction) In addition, the international nature of commercial fraud often results in Paul advising in relation to proceedings before off-shore courts such as in VTB v Nutritek (advised on interim relief in Cayman Islands and maintenance of BVI injunction in light of UK Supreme Court decisions) and in other off-shore jurisdictions such as Jersey, Guernsey and Nevis. His cases have included contested winding-up proceedings/shareholder disputes/protection; worldwide freezing and disclosure orders in respect of large scale fraud; company law, property and contractual disputes; trust disputes; breach of directors’ duties/ breach of fiduciary duties/recovery of assets; advising on Cayman Islands “STAR” trusts/ transactions to defraud creditors.

Recently, Paul has been instructed in Convoy v Broad Idea & Roy Cho with numerous first instance hearings and two Court of Appeal BVI hearings which addresses the difficult but important issue of the extension of Black Swan jurisdiction to a non-resident. Paul has also been involved in the substantial BVI dispute of Renova V Emmerson including the successful discharge of a US$3 billion worldwide freezing order which has featured several hearings before the BVI Court of Appeal and one before the Privy Council.

Paul’s practice relating to commercial fraud and off-shore work often raises difficult issues as to assets held in or to be traced through various discretionary trust schemes, particularly in off- shore jurisdictions. Such disputes will involve issues as to the validity of the trust structure, busting-the trust, sham trusts, tracing into and out of trusts, as well as matters of jurisdiction and choice of law eg BNP Jersey v Crociani (breach of Jersey trust). This is subject to on-going appeal to the Privy Council.

Sports law

Paul is a big sports fan (football in particular) and seeks to combine that knowledge of sport with his experience of heavy commercial litigation to provide effective resolution of sports law disputes. He has been instructed on behalf of The Race Course Association v Premier Telesports (George Walker) concerning exclusive rights to broadcast British horseracing; has been instructed in relation to various football-related disputes involving the football agent/club relationship; agent and player relationship; and player and club relationship; have advised UEFA on injunctive relief re: ticket touts for Euro 2006; have advised the Premier League on various football-related matters. He is the author of “Football Contracts – An English Law Perspective” Sport and Law Journal.


2011     KC

2005      Called to Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

1994      Call: Inner Temple

1997 et seq.    Attorney-at-Law for the Cayman Islands

1994      Essex Court Chambers from

1994      Inns of Court School of Law

1993      BCL (First), University College, Oxford University

1992      BA (First) (Law), University College, Oxford University


1994      Inns of Court School of Law

1993      BCL (First), University College, Oxford University

1992      BA (First) (Law), University College, Oxford University


Martin Wronker Prize for Jurisprudence (paper), University College, Oxford University

College Prizes for Land Law and Jurisprudence, University College, Oxford University

Morris Prize for Best Performance in Conflict of Laws (BCL), Oxford University

Prize for Best Performance in Remedies in Contract and Tort (BCL), Oxford University

Major scholarship, Inner Temple