Siddharth Dhar and Amy Sander – two of the ten Legal Week “Stars at the Bar” 2013

18 November, 2013

Every year, leading legal publication Legal Week identifies and profiles the 10 most acclaimed young barristers “making their mark in a fiercely competitive arena” and this year Siddharth Dhar and Amy Sander of Essex Court Chambers were among the ten selected.

The results were formed by contacting more than 350 solicitors, barristers, Queen’s Counsel and senior clerks to ascertain their views over a four-week period, with more than 200 responses and subsequent follow-up references. Those recommended were selected from more than 325 recommended junior barristers of 10 years’ call and under from all circuits across England and Wales.

Ben Rigby, author of the report, describes Siddharth Dhar as thriving “on high-stake disputes.” Comments gleaned through the research praise Siddharth Dhar for “an amazing ability to get to the heart of a case and to provide truly incisive comments which lead to the winning of a case” and highlights how he “manages to combine razor-sharp legal acumen and punch with disarming charm and politeness”, which is “a deadly combination”.

Solicitors contacted describe Amy Sander as “bright and very responsive”, highlighting that it is her enthusiasm which makes her stand out as “extremely easy to work with.” One lawyer commented that “her legal and research skills are excellent and exceptional in terms of mastering and getting to the heart of issues”; another added that she has “very quickly gained the confidence of a canny and experienced foreign client, on some very delicate questions”.

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