New Guidance on Remote Hearings from COMBAR

12 May, 2020

New “Guidance on Remote Hearings” (“the Guidance”) has been prepared by the COMBAR Sub-Committee on Remote Hearings, made up of 8 barristers including Wei Jian Chan of Essex Court Chambers.

The Guidance is provided at a time when the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 remain in effect, with consequential restrictions on movement and gatherings. The Guidance includes suggestions as to best practice at remote hearings and a specimen PTR checklist for use where a remote hearing of a trial might be required in the Commercial Court.

The Guidance and checklist will be kept under review and can be found here.

Some members of chambers have written briefing notes addressing particular legal issues that are arising or are likely to arise as a result of COVID 19, including a recent webinar addressing issues arising from Remote Hearings. The full set of briefings are located here.