Mentoring Scheme for underrepresented groups offers places to nearly 150 applicants

23 November, 2020

Members of Essex Court Chambers are delighted to announce that the six sets of Chambers participating in the Mentoring Scheme for underrepresented groups have, between them, offered places on the scheme to nearly 150 applicants.  Over 400 applicants from groups that are underrepresented at the Bar applied for places on the scheme.

The sets involved hope that this scheme will make a real contribution to increasing diversity at the Bar, by providing mentees with a source of information and advice, and by making it clear that a career at the Bar is open to anyone, from any background.

More details of the scheme are here. It is open to people from underrepresented groups including women; people from minority ethnic backgrounds; people with disabilities; LGBT+ people; people who spent time in care; and people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

The participating sets of Chambers are:

  • Blackstone Chambers
  • Brick Court Chambers
  • Essex Court Chambers
  • Fountain Court Chambers
  • One Essex Court Chambers
  • 3 Verulam Buildings

Essex Courts’ Philippa Hopkins QC, who has been working with representatives of the other five sets involved to set up the scheme, says, “We are delighted that there has been such a positive response to this new scheme. It was good to receive so many high quality applications from a very diverse range of prospective entrants to the Bar. All the mentees involved are looking forward to getting to know their mentors and to supporting them through the coming year. This scheme forms part of Essex Court Chambers’ ongoing commitment to diversity and to increasing the range of applicants to the commercial Bar.”