Jonathan Gilman KC

7 November, 2023

Members of Essex Court Chambers are deeply saddened to announce that Jonathan Gilman KC recently passed away.

After graduating from Oxford in 1963, Jonathan became a member of Essex Court Chambers in 1966 where he pursued a successful career in insurance and shipping law, taking silk in 1990. Jonathan became widely recognised as an expert on matters relating to marine insurance, he regularly acted as counsel in cases in the Commercial Court and appellate courts including the House of Lords and in arbitrations and regularly acted as umpire or arbitrator. He was frequently retained as an expert witness on English law in foreign proceedings particularly on questions of English marine insurance law and practice in cargo and hull insurance cases. Jonathan co-authored the seminal work ‘Arnould: Law of Marine Insurance and Average’ for several editions.

He will be greatly missed by family, friends and colleagues in Chambers.