ECHR dismisses claim for breach of private and family life

11 November, 2022

The European Court of Human Rights today handed down its judgment in Otite v. the United Kingdom (Application no. 18339/19).

The court found there would be no breach of Article 8 of the Convention if the applicant were deported.  The Applicant was a foreign national who had been convicted for multiple counts of fraud amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds, and had been sentenced to four years and eight months’ imprisonment.  The European Court of Human Rights held that the seriousness of Mr Otite’s offending was such that the public interest in his deportation outweighed his family and private life in the United Kingdom.

The judgment can be read here.

Jackie McArthur, led by Lisa Giovanetti KC, acted for the United Kingdom, instructed by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.