ECC-SAL International Mooting Competition 2017 – Winners Announced

28 January, 2017

Mr Nicholas Liu and Miss Bethel Chan from the Singapore Justices’ Law Clerks Team C have won the Essex Court Chambers – SAL International Mooting Competition 2017.

This year’s competition included 22 teams of accomplished advocates from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and South Korea.  The competition gives young lawyers (those who have been qualified for practice for fewer than three years) the opportunity to showcase and hone their advocacy skills on an international stage.

In the final round held at the Supreme Court of Singapore on 11 January 2017, JLC Team C competed against JLC Team A, consisting of Tan Jun Hong and Eden Li. The teams presented arguments about the effect of a “no oral variation” clause, as well as an issue concerning the implication of terms of good faith, in relation to a contract governed by English law. The arguments were presented before a distinguished judging panel comprising of Justice Quentin Loh, International Judge Anselmo Reyes and Andrew Hochhauser QC.

The prize for Best Speaker in the competition went to Keith Cheung of the team ‘Or & Cheung’ from Hong Kong, whilst the prize for the best written submissions was awarded to JLC Team B, consisting of Victor Leong and Hairul Hakkim.

The organisers congratulate all teams for participating this year and look forward to hosting the winners in London.