Alert: scam e-mails

12 May, 2008

Names can be misused by others for illegitimate purposes. In particular Chambers is currently aware of a number of bogus e-mails, letters and faxes which are being received by individuals in many parts of the world, falsely claiming to be from Essex Court Chambers or individuals from Essex Court Chambers.

For example, some such messages indicate that the addressee of the e-mail/letter has inherited a substantial sum of money, and go on to ask the recipient for personal information and/or money. Communications of this type appear to be part of a scam being orchestrated by someone using Chambers’ name illegally and without authorisation. This has been reported to the police when appropriate and they are taking steps to try to prevent the illegitimate use of Chambers’ name.  The communications are often in the form of emails, or sometimes letters, and they sometimes use the name of a current member of chambers. They are likely to be linked to organised fraud.

If you have received such a communication it is strongly advised that you just ignore it, and do not respond to it or communicate further with the person who sent the mail/letter to you.

For more detailed information on this type of scam see the section entitled “Fraud Alert – 419 Fraud” at This is the website of the UK’s Metropolitan Police Force.